Banana zoom bowl

Most mornings I don’t have a lot if time to make a big breakfast.
Meal prep is a real time saver and much cheaper and healthier than most restaurants and grocery  snack bars.

I love smoothies and I live for coffee. 😍 this particular smoothie can be made a drink or a nice and thick for a smoothie bowl.


1 chilled or frozen banana

1 cup kale

1 spoon Pb fit or peanut/almond butter

2-3 ounces of  chilled coffee or espresso shot

Optional toppings: cocoa nibs coconut granola chia banana chunks

Put in a blender and ZOOM!



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  1. I tried this recipe this morning and loved it. I added my protein powder as well. It was delicious. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. That’s great a bit of protein powder is nice to thicken and add protein. Enjoy your weekend!


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