Breakfast Time, Anytime…


I love breakfast foods, generally, I could pretty much eat anytime of the day. For the longest, I would avoid AM meals to save calories. Not smart at all, your body needs fuel. They don’t call it BREAK FAST for nothing, right?Β 



I started juicing and making purees with fresh veggies and fruits this past year changing the consistency a bit can change that drink to a milk shake or a bowl of ice cream, YES!

This weekend I decided to try something a bit heavier. I like oatmeal but consider that to be more of a colder season eat. Lately, I keep seeing posts about overnight oats so I figured time to try it myself.


This particular one is

rolled oats, and chia seeds with almond milk, water. Topped with fresh strawberries and carrot/strawberry puree. Did I say I LOVE IT!!


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