How to deal


I wasn’t sure when or if I would ever write about this, but here I am doing so now. Dealing with a chronic illness is and has been the most difficult thing.

I won’t bore you with the details of my health condition, unless you are medical student studying rare and complicated disorders? Lets just say I’m rare, unique, a special case. This would be fabulous if we weren’t taling about my chronic illness.

Being sick is hard, its tiring, and frustarting. In one day I can go from working all day, getting in a good workout, taking care of and  playing with my daughter, to debiliating pain and discomfort that stops me in my tracks.

I’m sad that I can’t do everything I want. I feel awful when my 3 year old tries to patch up my “boo boos” and give me her ice pack. My husband has to pick up the slack around the house  and our daughter after working all day when I’m unable to do anymore.

Giving up control and letting GOD is my biggest challenge. Shame, doubt and worry come up for me a lot.

Focusing on what I CAN do versus what I can’t helps a lot. I pray for better health, AND give thanks for the health I have.





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