You may have heard of a friend or family member doing a “cleanse.” Or maybe you’ve tried one yourself. Cleansing is thought of as a way of clearing unhealthy waste products out of the body–especially out of the intestinal tract. But cleansing is also used in a more motivational way––as a “jumping off point” for…

Nom noms

Have you taken a look at my photo blog ? Yummy yummy! 🙂 Source: Nom noms

Give Up — Nichi Health

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How about a quickie?

  Seems like we are always on the go. Our day is over before its even started, how do you find time fit it all in? 

Fitness fashion, splurge or purge?

    I love to shop, and I’m pretty saavy finding a sale, or shopping outlet stores even eBay for great finds. When it comes to workout gear,  have a lot of it. Function, comfort, style and affordability are key deciding factors on how I make my  choices.  

Stretch ya body..

THE JOY OF STRETCHING We all know the feeling of being stiff and sore the day after some vigorous activity. But inactivity can make us feel stiff too. If we don’t move enough, we lose flexibility. It’s true – sitting in front of a computer at work or on the couch watching TV at home…


Check out this neat article by Tessa on summer make up tips and dupes! 

Mason jars to go?

Who knew that a mason jar would be so versatile. These are great for portioning, storing, presevering, and seasoning your food.