Fitness fashion, splurge or purge?



I love to shop, and I’m pretty saavy finding a sale, or shopping outlet stores even eBay for great finds. When it comes to workout gear,  have a lot of it. Function, comfort, style and affordability are key deciding factors on how I make my  choices.  

There are some things I won’t skimp on..

When it comes to your exercise clothes, there are ways to splurge and ways to save. But even if you don’t have unlimited funds to spend on an outfit you just use to sweat in, spend wisely and strategically by at least investing extra money in these two items.

Your sports bra: Besides the discomfort of having a bra that doesn’t fit or support you, regularly exercising in the wrong sports bra can lead to breast damage. Make sure your bra is getting the job done by finding a brand and style that gives you ample coverage and support, especially during high-impact exercises.

Your shoes: Your feet are doing a lot of work while you exercise, make sure you are getting the right pair to support your arches and ankles and giving your toes enough room to move. It’s not just about investing in an expensive pair, however: you should buy your shoes based on your exercise — whether it’s hiking, running, or a cardio class. For example, I have a great running shoe, and a firmer pair better suited for spinning and cross training.

When it comes to saving on your gear, go for tops and bottoms that don’t break the bank. Just be sure to look for gear made from technical fabric — there’s nothing worse than dealing with a sweat-drenched cotton tank after an intense workout. Now a days, you can find fabulous styles anywhere, whether it be Nordstrom, TJ Maxx, or Walmart.


A few other must haves: my smart thermos water bottle, jaybird wireless earbuds, and my ipod touch. While all of these are a bit pricey, they make my workout much more bearable!


Now get out there and have fun with it!


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