The struggle continues..

I’m finally feeling better, completed the prednisone taper 3 weeks ago. I’ve been half way doing things the past few weeks.

Free time..

I took a few days off and while it wasn’t much of a vacation. I did have a little break from the office, Boston commute, and all that stuff that goes with the daily grind. 

Slow & Low

People are so into the Crossfit, the HIIT work outs and not really digging the old school cardio.

Dear summah..

Its been nice knowing you, as we gear up for back to school and cooler weather. We pack up the flip flops , kiddie pool, and lobster pot soon.. sad to see you go.

Boo Hoo!!!!

When you’re too busy at the job to get your lunch time workout on!   

Weight loss woes..

I’ve literally been losing and gaining the same 14 lbs for 6 months. Have you been there? It is so FRUSTRATING!!!!

Ballin on a budget

There are many simple luxuries that can be added with little to no cost that can shift you into a luxurious way of thinking. Being luxurious involves how we experience the things around us. What things do you do to make your everyday a little more luxurious?  

angel face..

  When I think of my little girl, I smile. She is a spirited, talkative, funny, sweet and sassy 3 1/2 year old. 

This or That?

I love food, while its not only necessary its delicious! Making healthy choices, can be a challenge at times.

Got 15 mins?

Did you know, 15 mins of walking a day can change your body?! Walking is a low-impact exercise that has many benefits for your health.