Got 15 mins?

Did you know, 15 mins of walking a day can change your body?!

Walking is a low-impact exercise that has many benefits for your health.

It’s free and available to everyone, so you should enjoy a 15 minutes walk every day if you’re not going to the gym. Here are the benefits:

  1. Walking improves your metabolism. Just a 15 min brisk walk can burn 60-100 calories.
  2. Walking boosts your vitamin D, a little sunny day exposure can assist getting this important nutrient in your system. But do wear sunscreen!
  3. Walking relieves painand sitffness, sitting all day at a desk? Move that body, loosen those joints and muscles.
  4. Walking reduces the risk of heart disease. Regular walks lower your cholesterol and prevent high blood pressure.
  5. Waking improves your mood. Feeling depressed, stressed or anxious? A nice walk can clear your mind, and energize your body too!




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