angel face..


When I think of my little girl, I smile. She is a spirited, talkative, funny, sweet and sassy 3 1/2 year old. 

I’ve noticed she picks up on everything, how I’m feeling if I’m stressed, irritable, or down, or happy. While I do my best to be positive and cheerful, while dealing with my health, life, and the world around us. I’m realizing it’s OK for her to see mommy when she’s not her best too.

Why? Because we are all human and I want her to know its alright to have the wide array of emotions. We talk about how she feels in the moment and as best as I can explain to her she’s is wonderfully made, beautiful inside and out.

I strive to be a better example and as a Christian African American woman living in these times, I feel it’s even more challenging. 

Praise comes in many forms.

I am truly blessed. I have so much work to do….

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