Ballin on a budget

There are many simple luxuries that can be added with little to no cost that can shift you into a luxurious way of thinking. Being luxurious involves how we experience the things around us. What things do you do to make your everyday a little more luxurious?


Now admittedly, I am willing to spend a little more for quality, but this depends on what I’m buying. Somethings I don’t skimp on, perfume, sunglasses, handbags, footwear, skin care, makeup…

I do however, try to get them for less, catching a sale, coupons and sites like eBay make it possible to get a gently loved Louis Vuitton and a great pair of brand new Asics for my workouts.  To recoup the cost, I also sell items on eBay, my daughters too small uggs, nice handbags I no longer use.

My idea of luxury has changed a lot from 20’s 30′ and onward now being married with a toddler. A shower is luxurious, a nap is luxurious, a new pair of sunnies, workout sneakers or a hand bag, well that’s just BALLIN!


Just me on a random monday! haha!

Grrr traffic jam! #commuterlife #bostontrafficselfie

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At the end of the day, luxury is a state of mind. What are your thoughts? What is your definition of luxury?


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