Weight loss woes..

I’ve literally been losing and gaining the same 14 lbs for 6 months. Have you been there? It is so FRUSTRATING!!!!

While weight loss is not my number one goal, it is important. I want to be stronger, healthier, and as pain free as one in my habitus can be.

I know its a combination of many things, primarily going on and off prednisone due to my Crohns disease. This I can not control but I’m gonna list off a few thing that I can..

Log your food: weight loss happens when we take in fewer calories than burned.

Change Up Your Workout Routine. Seriously, do something different.

Donโ€™t Forget Your Strength Training.

Shoot for a extra 15 mins ofย cardio.

Keep up the motivation, but tone down the tension. Stress is a killer!

You got this. you can do it..



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