Slow & Low

People are so into the Crossfit, the HIIT work outs and not really digging the old school cardio.


If you want to really mix it up, try some good slow steady rate, cardio there ARE benefits.


Burning calories- yep you still burn them even if you are going slower than your usual.

Improve your endurance- cardiovascular and strength its all in there.

Improve your recovery-lower impact, less jarring on the joints, overall less stress on your muscles.


Something low impact like bike, rower, or a brisk walk on the trails. These activities are wonderful options. This week I’m  recovering from a flare up of my chronic illness. I have completed my steroid taper and this causes lots of aches and pain.

I’m opting to do 3 slow&low cardio and 2 strength and HIIT sessions. For me I feel less muscle stiff and soreness and more relaxed! 


Try adding a steady rate cardio session once a week, see if you notice any changes.


Get your sweat well


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