Free time..

I took a few days off and while it wasn’t much of a vacation. I did have a little break from the office, Boston commute, and all that stuff that goes with the daily grind. 

Here are some of the things I gleaned during this little break.

  1. free time, more time to EAT! yes. I ate well from seafood, to a stop at Ben and Jerry’s  did I feel guilty? not at all.
  2. free time, more time to workout. I actually went to the gym early mornings instead of the lunch break routine. I enjoyed it, ALOT.
  3. free time, a day trip down to the Cape. It was so nice to see Olivia wading in the ocean and lounging with a couple of my girlfriends who also brought their kids too.
  4. free time, cleaning hmm not much! I wanted to do some deep cleaning but with the kid around it was nearly impossible.

I stole a few moments to myself, but thats life with a toddler! 

    I’m back to work today with a TON of stuff today. Semi-rested and looking forward to FRIDAY.











    Be well…

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