The struggle continues..

I’m finally feeling better, completed the prednisone taper 3 weeks ago. I’ve been half way doing things the past few weeks.


While working out 3 days a week is OK, for me its just not enough. I also haven’t been logging my food consistently.  I’m trying to stick with it, I worry that my commitment is waning. I’m feeling complacent having lost 70 lbs (half of my ultimate goal) I sort of am OK with where I am.

I don’t want to be in maintenance mode, I want to keep pushing.

How do I find the balance here, its good to be OK with where I am right?

How do I keep my motivation, after 2 years of consistent workouts/ healthier food choices. I kind of don’t care right now?


I need a attitude adjustment, can you guys out there help me?!

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