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My goal is to regularly blog about my health, my life, my loves, my challenges and successes.

5 days

I’m so excited, really I am! 

Flavors of fall

I sometimes make tea with a dash of turmeric, honey, cinnamon and warm almond milk. 

Free money? Yes please!

    Who likes free money? Well, its sort of free anyway..3 months ago I signed up for Pact.

3 Interesting Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Hair

Originally posted on Health Sources:
Everybody wishes to have healthy and beautiful hair. And one of the ways to achieve the hair of your dreams is to use coconut oil. Coconut oil is a natural product which is used widely in the field of hair care. Regular use of this oil helps hair to retain…

Savor the flavor

Mindless eating is something we often do, working lunches, watching TV with a plate on our laps.

Nom noms..

    Check my out my photo gallery of good eats. Want a recipe? Let me know!      

Muscle memory vs. Muscle confusion 

I find both of these concepts to be helpful in different ways.  There are times when I need to take a break due to my chronic illness and the craziness of life. I may not be able to do dedicated exercise for a week (YIKES!)   Muscle memory assists  with regaining strength and size much…