why o why

I thought I could do it, I was wrong.

The month of August is over and  I didn’t hit my goal I actually gained  3 lbs, while that doesn’t seem like much. I noted 7-10 lbs of ups and downs on the scale for the past few weeks. I expected to drop weight since I completed my steroid taper.What happened, what went wrong?!

Looking back over the month, I now can see where my I went off track
1. I worked out less – some weeks only 3 sessions vs the usual 5-6
2. I worked out with lower intensity -while I think my body needed the break I definitely could have pushed myself.
3. I indulged more- what can I say?!
4. I didn’t log my food- this is the worst of all my errors. I know if I don’t log it, it didn’t happen, and generally eat more!
I am barely holding on to the 250’s weight.  While weight isn’t EVERYTHING it is important. Now more than ever, I am thankful for my non scale victories to remind me of how far I have come thus far.
The plan now is to ramp up the workouts and start logging my food everyday. At this point I’m not one of those folks who can just eat whatever/whenever.
Any suggestions or feedback as to how I can jump start my journey to healthier me?
Stick with it my friends, whatever your goals may be don’t give up.
Be well.

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