Savor the flavor

6. Don’t eat while youwatch TV.
 Various studies have shown that people who are
distracted while eating tend to eat more...
Photo credit: Slideshare Eat less tips

Mindless eating is something we often do, working lunches, watching TV with a plate on our laps.

I found a great article from Joyful Belly about ways to eat intuitively and enjoy your food. I’m going to give this a try!

A simple, yet very difficult issue to overcome related to overeating is “checking out” during meals or snacks, instead of really enjoying the taste of the food.  Savoring your food not only offers important health benefits such as portion control, but also transforms your meal into a more satisfying experience. Through taking the time to taste your food, you’ll find you making better food choices too.

In order to develop your sensory awareness, try this exercise during at least one meal a day. Look at your food – notice its shape, texture, moisture, color, and temperature. Does it look vital? Smell your food before eating. Is the smell appealing? Do the scents evoke any memories?

Take a bite. Try to perceive as much taste sensation from the bite as possible. Chew with your eyes closed until the taste starts to fade. Then swallow. Take a sip of water to cleanse your palate. Consider taking another bite.

As you delve into your experience, you will find your taste adventures will add some spice to your life. Your meals will become a new source of entertainment, delight and pleasure.



Eat. Exercise. Exhale.



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  1. I love this exercise. It really helps you focus on what you’re eating and how you are feeling.

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