Free money? Yes please!



Who likes free money? Well, its sort of free anyway..3 months ago I signed up for Pact.

Anyone heard of this? Its a app that reward you for completing healthy challenges.


I wasn’t sure I would like it but its awesome. I’m always looking for ways to stay motivated, and this app is certainly part of keeping up my consistency.  Basically you can earn cash for staying active, paid by members who don’t.

Yes, its legit, no you don’t get a lot of money maybe 20 cents to a dollar a week, but its a neat app. The zinger, well if you don’t meet your challenge, you have to pay. You decide how much, but the minimum is 5 dollars on that part. This is how they are able to pay those who complete their challenges.


Image result for pact app


In 3 months I’ve earned 25 dollars. I am going to cash out and get myself a pedicure! Cool way to reward myself indeed!



Be well


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