Vinegar is sweet

This lowly ingredient has so many amazing uses. I have so many varieties from Red wine, Rice wine, Apple cider, and classic white. The most commonly used are white and apple cider.

Here’s just a few ways I like to use vinegar:

Cleaning – the coffee maker (lime buildup), washing machine and shower curtain (soap scum), garbage disposal , toilet bowl.

Cooking – make amazing salad dressings, give cole slaw a kick, pickling veggies, meat tenderizer,

Skin care- soothe itches, relieve sunburns, dissolve warts , fungal infections i.e. athletes foot, dry skin repair, foot soak (dead skin removal)

Hair care – dandruff treatment, clarifying hair rinse, condition dry hair, detangle and reduce frizz.


Vinegar is a great household item, its affordable, readily available and multi-purpose.


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  1. Lacey says:

    We love vinegar too at our house. We use that and baking soda for just about everything.

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