5 days

I’m so excited, really I am!Β 


This is the first week in over a month I’m getting 5 workouts in. End of summer and beginning of fall semester at the college I work has had me so swamped. I could go on about all the reasons I haven’t been consistent here.

The real kick was getting dressed and feeling that uncomfortable tightness in my recently purchased “weight loss” clothing. I went to the back of the drawer to find my stretchier more forgiving pants, and I knew it was time.

So this week here’s what I did:


MON-airdyne bike 10 mins, weights and core 25 mins

TUES- too busy at work

WED-treadmill jog 2 miles

THUR- weights and core 30mins AND BMAX/Insanity class at my gym Β 1 hour ( I worked out twice and yes I am sore)

FRI- 30 min walk on the track (due to the soreness)

SAT- bonus session will either go to treadmill boot-camp OR jog my 3 mile loop

Inserted here is my I just ran and it was painful pic below!

πŸ’ͺ🏾☠#slowrunner #keepmoving

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What do you do to stay motivated? Keep moving, my friends, keep moving!





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