Green is the new black


The power of green foods. Green foods are packed with nutrients and are an extremely important part of our diet. They are the healthiest and most filling choices one can make. There are tons options to choose from, and they can easily be incorporated into meals. I love veggies, I truly do! I often make them my main dish with a small bit of protein or grains on the side.

Some popular green foods include spinach, brussels sprouts, bok choy, peas, kale, cabbage and broccoli,  to name a few. Using a wide variety of these foods is the best way to ensure that you’re getting enough of them.

Green foods are great source of nutrients and also have great healing powers. The power of green can revitalize one’s health as green foods are easy on glucose levels. They are very low in sugars and because they’re packed with fiber and water, they  can help to regulate blood sugar levels throughout the day.


Steamed, sautéed, puree, or juiced I love them every way. These are just a few snaps of how I incorporate green into my daily meals.






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  1. Jay Colby says:

    Great way of thinking of eating healthier!

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    1. If we can find ways to incorporate a bit more into our diet, would certainly make a huge impact on our health.

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  2. Espirational says:

    Love the photos! Fresh veggies always make such a colorful plate.

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