The perfect exercise

I believe any exercise you enjoy doing regularly is the perfect exercise for you.

That’s right, any exercise you enjoy and do consistently is a “perfect” form of exercise. That’s because most people simply don’t exercise enough, and unless your job involves vigorous physical activity, chances are you don’t either.. So it doesn’t matter whether you hit the gym, go out dancing, do tai chi, or walk with a work buddy at lunch five times a week, you’re doing better than most!

If you’re looking to get more out of your exercise regimen. It’s easy if you know the three components of any fitness activity. These are frequency, intensity, and duration.


      – How often you do it


      – How hard you do it


    – How long you do it for

By ramping up one or more of these components, you can get more out of your workout, it doesn’t matter whether it’s swimming, lifting weights, or an aerobics dance class.

Let’s look at these three fitness activities and examples of how to increase their individual components.

Something is ALWAYS better  than nothing my friends.


Be well.


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