Tis the season..

This holiday be mindful of your spending. While gifts are lovely, we ought to give more of ourselves. 

Workout of the day  — Djfit360

Who wants to do this today? I’m in!   20 push-ups 10 pull ups 10 chin ups Bicep curls 3×12 Tricep ext 3×12 Shoulder press 3×12 Bench press 3×12 50 crunches 2min plank For time well there it is you guys try it let me know how it goes 😀 via Workout of the day  —…

Would you like cream in that, miss?

  I have a Bialetti stove top espresso, a French press, tea pot, coffee pot, and a Keurig as well.  I  really like coffee and tea. My morning routine most days involves a strong cup of coffee. 

Why? Why not?

  Its always something folks…time to do something about it!