Health issues vs Health improvement

What to do when you have health issues and want to improve your health?  Some people have physical, mental, emotional challenges that can seem insurmountable. 

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  1. PREPARE- see a professional speak with your doctor and get clearance for activity.
  2. COMMIT- set a realistic goal-  such as exercise twice a week, eat less take out.
  3. FOCUS on what you can do – take a walk, stretch, try a cooking class.. be gentle with yourself.


These seem basic, but when you are working on a better you remember it’s not a race but a JOURNEY.


before.during.after. #stepmill 😰 #keepmoving #betterme #sweatisfatcrying 😂

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Be well..


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  1. I like to keep it simple too :)) & nice job w/that stair stepper! Love that machine :))

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    1. Indeed, reasons are very different from excuses. The stepper is intense!


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