Working Out While Black..


Sometimes it can feel like you have to choose between your body or your hair: You can go for a run but ruin the awesome blowout you just got OR skip the gym to avoid a bad hair day and miss out on all the muscle-toning, calorie-burning, health-boosting benefits of a workout.

I have some basic go to styles and techniques that keep me looking cute before during and after my sweaty sessions.


1 Time of day- morning, lunch or an end of day session? Morning or end of day workouts is great for most.I train mostly at lunch- while inconvenient for hair styling it fits my overall life schedule.  Which brings me to…

2 Tools and techniques- wrap it up, get a serious sweatband or head wrap to protect and draw sweat away from your hair. I really like Dri Sweat they are affordable and have a  variety of sizes! I seriously own 10 of these!  Use a blow dryer, I am natural so I opt for cool blast, no heat settings. Dry shampoo, yes I love Clean Freak in a clench but prefer my homemade version.

3. Protective styling- marley buns, crochet braids, twists, weaves, faux ponytails, and even wigs. All of those things can work. Depending on your personal style preference. I mostly wear crochets, ponytails and buns. The less on my head the better!


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, child, outdoor and closeup
Crochet Braids


Image may contain: one or more people, sunglasses and closeup
Marley Bun

No excuses ladies,  now get out there and move!

Sweating Is GOOD!

Be Well


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