Plank Challenge for Beginners

I am starting this FEB 1, check the link for details!

Do it right, keep it tight! 

PT Contender

The plank has become the number one reason for mediocrity when it comes to functional ab strength. – Jeff Cavaliere, Pro Athlete Trainer & Physical Therapist

Last semester was a whirlwind of Knocking Out Prerequisites for PT School, doing observation hours, and visiting with family & friends before making the move to North Dakota – which was all a success.

However,  I let my fitness slip, and now I’m way more out of shape than I’m used to, and I literally feel like Snorlax… So, back in December I decided to create a Plank Challenge to get back in the game.

[THROWBACK] Even though I’ve been a die hard Wake Planker it’s just not enough for fitness – Not even close!

I started reading all about core strength and learned a ton. I now look at planks a little differently than I used to, which is why I am…

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