Making Fitness Fun

After the holidays, recent elections, and social climate…I’ve lost some motivation.


I hit a wall.

I’m not losing weight or even maintaining.

That 75 lbs I lost is now a dismal 62.

Time to change things up!

I recently had the opportunity to try Millions of Muscles: MoM Live. 


This program isn’t just about exercise but also offers support and motivation.

The structure of MoM LIVE is such:

  • Option to workout live/real time with your personal trainer (Jodi) 3 days per week.
  • Can’t get to the live session? Full access to  ALL workouts, which are recorded & printable. **Made available on private Member site same day**
  • Access to the private MoM Live Members Only Facebook page. Connect with other members, accountability, support, and positive encouragement!

Why I LOVE it:

*It’s mindless, yes I said that. The workouts are clearly explained, modifications are offered. Workouts are a combination of HIIT, Strength & Bootcamp style. All fitness levels are encouraged. Guidance by a skilled personal trainer focused on getting results? Who doesn’t want that!

*It’s convenient. It’s like going to a class without actually going. Sometimes gym classes don’t fit my schedule or are full. I love being able to do the MoM Live with the group virtually, or accessing it later and doing on my own.

*No gym, no problem. While I do go to the gym, I also train from home. You can do a serious workout without a lot of equipment. Using your own body weight, a couple of dumbells and Jodi will have you sweating!

Up early for that 5 am workout! #ididthat #sweatisfatcrying 💪🏾

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*Jodi is a real person, very down to earth. I appreciate seeing her train in her own living room, and also her studio. Occasionally, her cat will come into frame (haha)! Jodi is open about her own health challenges, the struggle of balancing family and career.  This resonates with me and is a refreshing change.

*Did I mention “The Tribe” well, this group has members in various stages of their journey! While I am just getting to know them, I appreciate the comradery and support. The bonus mini challenges and daily check-ins from Jodi also help keep me motivated.

*Getting results, the first 2 weeks I dropped 4 lbs. My tennis elbow is less achy, and my overall mobility has improved.I was sidelined last week due to illness, but getting back on track. Next month my plan is to focus on the nutritional aspect. I am very pleased with the progress thus far.


My schedule is beyond hectic! I struggle with a chronic illness, juggle 2 jobs,  a 4-year-old and commute to Boston 2 hours a day. MoM Live is affordable, flexible, and fun!

What do you think? Could you see yourself trying out MoM Live?

MoM Live is for someone who wants to work out but:
Struggles with getting to the gym, Is that YOU?
Not exactly sure what to do when you get there, Is that YOU?
Lacks motivation and needs accountability, Sound familiar?
Wants to follow a plan that is Affordable & Effective by a Fitness Expert


Currently MOM Live is running a 7 Day Free Trial, NO RISK!

A FREE WEEK?!  Give it a try! I would love to hear what you think!


Be Well..




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