The Gram: “Myheartyourstomach”

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This a new series called:  “The Gram” Featuring the wonderfully inspiring, and interesting people on Instagram who I follow and love. 


I recently discovered myheartyourstomachon Instagram and was instantly drawn in! Delicious plates, the kind of food that feels like home and reminds you of family! 
Thank you, MK for taking the time to chat with me today! Can you tell me a bit about yourself and your love of all things yummy?

“I am a mother of a beautiful young Queen, my favorite food is bacon, I would consider myself an ambivert, and a free-spirited misfit. I love all things food, fashion, and adventure. I am a self-taught home chef with an eye for making food not only delicious but pretty.”

“My parents weren’t very experimental when it came to food and I’m sure you wouldn’t believe me if I were to tell you at one point in my life I hated cooking. When I got my first apartment and had the freedom of shopping for myself that’s when I really found my passion for food.”
Do you have any strong likes or dislikes where food is concerned?

“I love spicy Caribbean food, gourmet stacked cheeseburgers, Indian cuisine, and tacos. I hate baby corn it gives me the creeps and tastes weird.”

What are your daily meals like?

“I work nights so my eating habits are all over the place, during the week when I’m working I usually make meals that are quick and easy that will last for a few days in what I like to call “dinner remixes” where I take what I’ve made and change it to something else. My go to meals are stir fry vegetables over my favorite coconut rice and grilled chicken, quesadillas, or garlic noodles.”

What do you snack on?

“I feel like I live on snacks especially on my work nights (I’m totally afraid of gaining weight from eating overnight). I enjoy lots of fruit, hummus (beet hummus and roasted red pepper), I love cheese (smoked gouda is amazing), homemade potato chips, blueberry jam, and English muffins with peanut butter and dried cranberries.”

What is that one thing your mom or dad makes best?

“My mom makes the best smoked Turkey necks with speckled buttered beans, and my dad makes the best chili.”

Which are your favorite restaurants?

“I actually don’t eat out much because I do prefer to make my own meals. I do have a list of restaurants I love to go to though.”

“Some of the restaurants I want to go to are merely because the food porn is amazing. I love cheeseburgers so would like to try Boston Burger company as well as Mr. Bartley’s burger cottage. The cube toast at Double Chin looks so delicious. My favorite dessert besides cheesecake and tiramisu is ice cream so I plan on going to Pizzi farm (I heard they had donut ice cream cones)! For more upscale places I want to eat at Liquid art house (I’ve had drinks there DELICIOUS),  and Strega by the waterfront.”

Fill in the blanks:

“I’d like to see more _homemade, all natural, local homegrown products   on restaurant menus and a lot less fluff_.”

“When I say fluff I find that a lot of restaurants like to come up with a fancy name for dishes and the food is sub par as if they take more time concentrating on the name than actual food.”


Want to see theMKeffect? Pop on to Instagram and check her out!


Be well..


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