The Gram: NormaJeanDoodles


This series is called:  “The Gram” Featuring the wonderfully inspiring, and interesting people on Instagram who I follow and love. 


Hi, Norma Jean! 
I am beyond inspired by your art. The simplicity, the humor, the positivity and free-spirited vibe! 
 Tell us about yourself, and what you’ve been up to lately? 

“Well, Hello There, and Thank you!” I’m currently drawing my daily doodles, making music, and writing poetry. There are some really fun things on my horizon, I’m putting my poetry out a bit and planning to play music more through the end of the year. Also, I am brainstorming a podcast about staying true staying true to and loving yourself.” 

Your Instagram is full of beautiful scenery, where are you right now? 

“I’m currently living in Ubud, Bali!” “I try to break things up with the daily doodles and give a bit of variety with a peak into my wild, expat, Bali life!  I’m currently sitting on my balcony overlooking the tropical jungle of Ubud.” 






What originally inspired those adorable doodles? 

“Leonard Cohen, and a desire to feel loved and heard.  They were things I wanted someone to comfortingly say to me, so I said them to myself.  Now, they’re still for me, and I feel so grateful when they resonate with others.”

What’s your favorite snack? 

“All the snacks!! I’m a bit of a foodie – snacking is of CHIEF IMPORTANCE with my friends and I.  I generally try to keep things on the healthy side with heaps of avocado, papaya, and salads, but we just had the @Ubud Food Festival here and I’m in LOVE with this artisanal goat cheese from Rosalie Cheese.  It’s not too tangy, and covered in black pepper, Yum! It’s epic on toast with avocado, so in terms of food, I’ve generally been snacking on that… In terms of poetry, I’ve been snacking on the literary nibbles of Rupi Kaur as of late.” 


Is your name really Norma Jean? (smiles) I love it, very vintage!  

“Haha Yes! It’s a family name, my parents weren’t super fans of Marilyn Monroe or anything! “

Any particular place you could see yourself settling? 

“Who knows!  I’ve been in Bali a few years, and I try not to put too much pressure on myself about that these days.  I used to feel like I needed to decide things in finite terms, settle, and box myself in a bit.   Where I was living was a big one of those, but now I think it’s more to do with community. I’m lucky enough to have such a global, transient collection of beautiful humans it’s mostly about the who, not the where.” 




What do you believe connects “US” as people?

“LOVE! Love is THE THING, and connects us to everything from food, family, art, and music, with compassion and understanding.  Loving yourself can be especially hard in this world of ours with societal pressures to think, look, act, feel, and be specific ways, but once you work on that solid foundation, the love for everything in your life – passions, people – will flower from those roots.” 

NormaJeanDoodles so creative and inspiring, thank you!

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