Budget Life: Summer Staycation


With the summer in swing, lots of people go on vacation.  We are working to be a bit more frugal. Thankfully, I have managed come up with activities that are fun and free! 

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The Great Outdoors

You can find tons of great free outdoor activities.

1. Parks

Whether you live in a small town or a big city, chances are there’s a free park nearby, ready for you to stop by and enjoy the afternoon.

2. Playgrounds

Swingsets and slides are great places for kids to run and play, but they’re fun for adults too! Take the kids to the playground, or go after sunset with someone special and swing side-by-side.

3. Picnics

Make a couple of sandwiches, fresh fruit, and lemonade. Then pack your picnic basket, grab a blanket and enjoy dining al fresco.


4. Swimming

There are two ways to swim for free in the summer: See if local pools offer Free Swim days, or check out the beaches, lakes and swimming holes in your area.


5. Stargazing

Looking at the stars is always free, so find a cloudless night and use a star chart to identify Orion, Cassiopeia and other constellations.


Arts and Entertainment

Enjoy a little culture, free of charge.

6. Outdoor Movies

Many towns and cities have free outdoor movies in the summer. Bring a blanket and get there early to claim your spot!

7. Free Movies

Outdoor movies aren’t the only way to see free flicks this summer. Free and matinees are a great option!


8. Summer Concerts

Free outdoor summer concerts, from show choirs to rock shows, are as much a part of summer as ice cream and flip-flops. Check out the schedule in your area.

9. Museum Free Days

Nearly all museums offer free admission days, so figure out when you can go for free and enjoy an afternoon spent in air-conditioned comfort.


10. Public Library

Many public libraries also host free events, lectures, movie nights and even special programs like “speed dating for book lovers!”


These options could make a great date night, or fun family time with the kids!


Get out there and enjoy your summer!


Be well…



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