Week 1: Zero Spending in October

One week into my month-long spending freeze and I have to say it is HARD!

Day 3:

I had to buy a hair product and walked out with TWO nail polishes.  That was 15 dollars MORE than I planned to spend. I also got a flash sale email from my favorite beauty supply store. You know I had to click and see the deals!

Ahem, is it essential, not really! Do I need this stuff right now? NOPE

Triggers differ from one person to the next, but to help you get an idea of the types of triggers that may influence your decisions here’s a few:

              • Grief
              • Boredom
              • Anger
              • Happiness
              • Hunger
              • Sickness
              • Celebrations
              • Discounts
              • Financial hardship
              • Financial surplus



To understand your own spending triggers, self-reflection and expense tracking are necessary. Consider the last thing you purchased today.  Did you really need it?

Some successes:

I unsubscribed from several shopping sites.

I removed credit info from three of my frequent shop sites.

I removed 3 credit cards from my wallet.

I’m putting any extra income toward my emergency fund, goal 1000!

Do you budget? Do you have a savings goal?

My goal is to take small steps toward mindful spending, wish me luck!

Be well

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