Week 2: Zero Spending October

Day 8: Sweet daughter is excited for Halloween, asks for a new costume.


I managed to grab a gorgeous “Elsa” gown on clearance after last season. Yayy! The kiddo is excited to wear it!

Day 11: Target had a sale, ok ok I know.


25 off 100 dollars on select toys.

Christmas shopping for our daughter is DONE!

Christmas, guys…I had to we had one particular toy in mind and fortunately, it was on sale. I also selected some fun learning games vs. more toys for our 5-year-old.


I was financially unprepared for this purchase and charged on my Target credit card.


Pay the purchase off by the end of NOVEMBER.

Continue to brown bag lunch every day this month.

While I am not 100% sticking with the ZERO  spending goal, I am becoming more mindful!

Stay tuned…

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