Weeks 3 & 4: Zero Spending October

These past two weeks went pretty good. While I did spend a little, I noticed a big difference!

Image result for money flying


Week 3- No eating out, no spending, saved a little extra toward my emergency fund.

Week 4- Purchased one fast food meal, $20 over budget

I definitely was more mindful of my purchases and spent less.

There were many times I shopped online and even went as far as to put items in my “cart”.

I had to stop myself and ask:

Is it in the budget?

Is it essential?

Is it on sale?

Taking a moment to really think about the reason behind the purchase prevented me from splurging so much.

Total estimated savings: $85

This is a tough one to do during the holidays- but will definitely revisit this challenge after the New Year.
Anyone else tried the ZERO spending challenged? If so, what did you like or not like about it?



Be well..

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