Listen To Your Body

You always hear stories about the silent killer- I believe, no…I know that STRESS is definitely part of that family.

As a massage therapist, my job is to help people feel better. To aches, pain, and DE-stress clients are my ultimate goal.



While I know how to relieve stress for others, it is often difficult for me to manage my own.

Recently, at a routine medical appointment, I was diagnosed with Hypertension. On my follow up yesterday, I mentioned a rash, turns out its Shingles! It’s pretty likely its all triggered all by stress.

I know that I have been working too much, worrying too much…

I’m home today, resting as best as I can.

My first thought was, I need to workout, clean out that closet, run to the grocery store, and also finish up my holiday shopping. All before my daughter gets out of school at 3!

This is what got me here, sick and tired.

I’m going to take it easy today, that is my only plan for today.


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