Fresh Ginger Is Life



As the cold season has taken over New England, I’ve re-introduced fresh ginger into my daily routine. 

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A steaming hot mug of ginger tea on a damp day warms up your bones and burns away heavy congestion. When the weather is damp and cold, I naturally crave sunlight and heat. The perkiness of fresh ginger is invigorating and lifts your mood.


Fresh ginger is great for:

Sore Throat & Congestion

A simple cup of fresh ginger tea, made by boiling an inch of the root in two cups of water, does the trick. As it warms the head and your whole body, it brings a sense of lightness back to a heavy, congested head.

Digestion & Inflammation

Fresh ginger is considered to be one of the best digestives aides.  A few pieces before a meal stimulates appetite and gets digestive juices flowing. Despite the heat of this root, fresh ginger is actually anti-inflammatory.

Restoring Warmth

On cold days, a hot ginger and baking soda bath are one of the best ways to warm your entire body, stimulate circulation, and rev up metabolism. To enjoy these benefits, simply mix 1/2c of ginger and 1/2c of baking soda into a hot bath.


Over the past few weeks, my nightly routine of fresh ginger and raw honey tea has been very soothing. My irregular digestion and bloating have improved along with a decrease in mucus. I highly recommend giving fresh ginger a try!



Be Well..



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