Checking In..

Hello lovelies, I have been so inconsistent with the blog! While I miss posting regularly, I do pop on and read often and so many of your are truly inspiring!

What have I been up to?

I am adjusting to my new position and learning so much in the process. Who says a old dog can’t learn new tricks?

I am closer to home, shorter commute equals more time for me and my family.

I am busier than ever! But its less stressful, I am able to put more time and energy into the projects I WANT to do.

I am still doing massage, though my practice has slowed. I am shifting into more service oriented work, donating time providing free massage through my local community.

I am realizing I am not physically able to keep up with the demands of bodywork so I am transitioning my love for health, wellness, and self care into a new project and its going well so far.

I will share more.. very soon my friends..


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