Keep It 100

    I don’t have the time to work out as much as I should. 

blog blog blog

My goal is to regularly blog about my health, my life, my loves, my challenges and successes.

Free time..

I took a few days off and while it wasn’t much of a vacation. I did have a little break from the office, Boston commute, and all that stuff that goes with the daily grind. 

Ballin on a budget

There are many simple luxuries that can be added with little to no cost that can shift you into a luxurious way of thinking. Being luxurious involves how we experience the things around us. What things do you do to make your everyday a little more luxurious?  

angel face..

  When I think of my little girl, I smile. She is a spirited, talkative, funny, sweet and sassy 3 1/2 year old.