Many of us are impatient at times. Losing control of our patience hurts not only us but those around us. Impatience raises our stress level and can even cause physical harm to our bodies. Being impatient can also damage relationships.

You cannot try to be more patient as you cannot try to lose weight. Below are concrete ways to cultivate patience:

1. Learn how to breathe

  • When we get anxious and overly attached to outcomes, our breath immediately shortens. Oxygen that goes to our brains is reduced. We can’t think clearly.
  • When you notice yourself getting anxious and overly attached to end results, take a quick timeout. Have the discipline to drop everything, sit still and breathe with ease. A few minutes should be enough.
  • Understand that even though you do largely determine your fate with your deliberate actions, goals, and productivity plans, you are not God and you cannot control every single event in life. Let it go. You’ll feel relieved.

2. Love kindly. Give fully.

  • Love and impatience do not mix well. They are like water and oil.
  • Love is infinite in patience, eternal. There is no “end goal.”
  • Love is understanding, forgiveness, and compassion.

3. Take notes, analyze, and strategize.

  • Write it down and star the most challenging area. If you were more patient in this area, how would that improve your life? Find your motivation.

4. Excel at a new hobby.

  • Try something you’ve always wanted to try. Really make the effort to be good at it.
  • Now observe your learning curve. Do you see that the desire for immediate success is an impossible wish?

5. Get confident in your ability to achieve.

  •  When you are unsure of your ability to execute, you get impatient for outcomes. You want to prove to yourself that you are capable.
  • The question is when you will achieve it, not if you will achieve it. And timing, you cannot control.

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Be well

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